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Keep it 100 Two for $45.00

OPMH 60mls Two for $32.00

Charlotte Vapes 30mls Four for $35.00

Seduce Juice 60mls Two for $33.00


Swag Bundle $78.00
1x Swag Kit 
1x 18650 Battery
1x Seduce Juice 60ml

OBS Cube 80w Bundle $105.00
1x OBS Cube 80w Mode
1x Cleito Pro Tank
1x Five-Pack Any Cleito Coils
1x 60ml QC or Seduce Juice

Vaporesso GEN Kit $120.00
1 x Vaporesso Gen Kit w/SKRR Tank 
2x LG HG2 18650 
1x 2 Bay Battery Charger (slim k2 ) 
1x Seduce Juice or QC Liquid L
Blitz 200w Box Mod Bundle
1x Blitz Box Mod 
1x OFRF Nex Mesh Tank 
2x LG 18650 Batteries 
1x Slim K2 Charger (2 Bay) 
1x Seduce Juice or QC Liquid 60ml 
Aegis Solo Bundle
1x Aegis Solo 18650 Mod
1x 18650 Battery 
1x HellBeast Hybrid Tank 
1x Seduce Juice 60ml 

Sky Solo Bundle $45.00
1x Sky Solo Kit
3x Pack GT Coils
1x Seduce Juice 60ml

I Joy Mystique Bundle $90.00 
1x Mystique Mod 
1x iSub B Tank 
2x Samsung 18650
2x Bay Charger
1x Seduce Juice or QC Liquids 60ml

GeekVape Frenzy Bundle $62.00 

1x GeekVape Frenxy kit

1x Seduce Salts

3x Frenzy coils

Vaporesso Target Bundle $92.00 

1x Vaporesso Target Mini 50W device

1x Five-pack EUCC coils

1x Seduce Juice 60ml or Seduce Salts 30ml

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Four bottles of CV House 30ml $29.99

Two bottles of Seduce Juice 60ml $29.99


with the purchase of a mod


AIO Bundle $55.00

x1 Joyetech AIO

x5 pack of coils

x1 Charlotte Vapes 30ml


Indestructible Bundle $175.00

1x Aegis Legend Mod

1x Falcon Tank

1x Pack of Falcon Coils

2x 18650 Batteries

1x Two Bay Charger

1x Buns Hun orQC Liquids 60ml


Telsa WYE 2 Bundle $140.00

1x Tesla WYE 2 Mod

1x Sense Mesh tank

2x 18650 batteries

1x two bay charger

3x Sense coils

1x Seduce Juice 60ml


Nova Bundle $140.00

1x Geekvape Nova Mod

1x Geekvape Cerberus Tank

5x Baby Beast Coils

2x 185650 Batteries

1x two bay battery charger

1x Seduce Juice 60ml


Vaporesso Cascade Bundle $70.00

1x Cascade Kit

3x Gt Mesh Coils

1x QC Liquids 60ml

Twister Bundle $75.00

1x FreeMax Twister device

1x Seduce Juice 60ml

5x mesh coils

Orbit TF Bundle $55.00

1x Orbit TF device

1x Seduce Juice or Seduce Salts

Pal 2 Bundle $55.00

1x Pal 2 device

5x mesh coils

1x Seduce Salts or Charlotte Vapes


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Keep it 100

Cupcake Boss

Slurp 100

Mix and Match Any Two for $50.00


SVRF Two for $35.00

OPMH 60mls Two for $32.00

Glas Basix 60mls Two for $32.00

MIco Salt Bundle $55.00 

1x MIco Salt Device 
3x Extra Pods 
1x Seduce Salts


Sky Solo Bundle $43.99 
1x Sky Solo Kit
3x GT Coils 
1x Seduce Juice 60ml


Tesla WYE Bundle $90.00 
1x Tesla WYE Mod 
1x isub B Tank
2x 18650 Batteries 
1x 2 bay charger
1x Seduce Juice 60ml 

OBS Cube Bundle
1x 80w Cube Mod
1x Any Tank Under $40
1x Seduce Juice or QC Liquids 60ml 

Aegis Legend Bundle 
1x Aegis Legend Mod 
2x 18650 Battery 
1x Falcon King Or Crown 4 Tank 
1x 2 Bay Charger
1x Seduce Juice or QC Liquids 60ml 

All offers are subject to change with or without notice.

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