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The Low-Down on CBD

CBD has become a hot topic over the last year. Since we put up our banner, we’ve been

asked over and over about it. What is CBD, and how is it used?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants.

Cannabinoids are particles that attach to receptors in the endocannabinoid (EC) system.

Your body also produces cannabinoids naturally. The EC system is responsible for many

body functions. Some examples include regulating sleep, mood, and appetite. It also

manages pain and memory.

Scientific and clinical research suggests CBD has potential treatment applications

for a wide range of conditions. We see many customers that use CBD to alleviate

symptoms from many of the same complaints:

• Arthritis

• Diabetes

• Chronic pain

• MS


• Depression

• Epilepsy

• Alcoholism

• Schizophrenia

• Anxiety

• Spasms

• Inflammation

In fact, the benefits of CBD are such that the World Health Organization (WHO) of the UN

recommends that it be given non-criminalized status. In 2018, WHO Director-General

released a letter stating in part that there is “no evidence that CBD as a substance is liable

to similar abuse and similar ill-effects ... as cannabis or THC.”

If you struggle with any of the conditions above, talk to your doctor about whether CBD is

right for your needs.

CBD is extracted usually from hemp, and sometimes cannabis plants. One of the key

differences between the two is the amount of CBD they contain.

Hemp plants have a lot of CBD, but very little THC – the other (in)famous cannabinoid.

Cannabis plants contain more THC than CBD. With the recent spotlight hemp and cannabis

have enjoyed, horticulturists have been quick in breeding the plants with genetic changes,

so there are exceptions to the rule.

Hemp: High in CBD, Low in THC

Cannabis: High in THC, Low in CBD

You should not fail a drug test using CBD products. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for

the “high” marijuana users seek. This is also the chemical a substance panel looks for.

CBD works differently and you will not fail a drug screen enjoying THC-free products.

We take compliance with state law seriously. Charlotte Vapes guarantees that no product

we sell contains THC beyond trace amounts (0.3%) permitted by law. This is in large part

due to our overwhelming commitment to stay out of jail. We’re too pretty for that.

Currently, no product in our inventory contains any detectable THC. Testing reports are

always available on request.

Unlike THC, CBD is 100% non-psychoactive, so there is no associated feeling of being

“high” or “stoned.” There are no fears of mental haziness or slowness, so most people feel

comfortable even using CBD on the job. Experiences people report most include feeling:

• Relieved

• Pain-free

• Comfortable

• Nausea relief

• Improved mood

• General absence of “bad” feelings.

Effects for most users will start about 60 minutes after first usage, depending on a few

factors. For example, when you vape CBD, it goes straight to the bloodstream whereas a

gummy snack needs to be digested.

The 4 most popular ways of taking CBD are concentrates, edibles, topicals and

sprays, and vapes.


Concentrates are typically the highest “at-once” dose available. They’re clearly marked,

and you can get the full amount within a few seconds. That tends to make them less

messy than alternatives. Downside: they’re unflavored, so they can taste a little gross.


Easily one of the most popular ways we’ve introduced customers new to CBD. There are

small packages available, with low prices that make them easy to try. They’re great for

easy dosing - If a package is marked as 250mg for 25 gummies, then each one is 10mg.

They’re delicious, too. If you’re not leaving them in your car, these are great!


Sprays and lotions are a newer way people have been using CBD. Sprays can be flavored

or not and are sprayed in the mount not unlike the key ring Listerine packs. Lotions have

also released with the idea being to absorb CBD through the skin. We’ve never carried

anything quite like this, but if you’d try it out, let us know on our Instagram!


Vapes are hands-down the biggest seller for CBD at Charlotte Vapes. Again you have

options for flavored (or not), and varying strengths available. Both e-liquid additives like

Koi as well as more concentrated cartridges like Twisted Labs are available for rapid

absorption when compared to edibles.

My boss says I have to say “not to take medical advice from me, a stranger on the

internet. While I slept at a Holiday Inn last night, I am not in fact a doctor. Talk to one of those

before doing weird stuff or you get what you deserve. My opinions are my own and do not

represent the opinions of Charlotte Vapes, its employees, or your local dairy council.”

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