• Sean Mills

Save the Children™️

In a reactionary statement provoked by the mysterious “vaping illness” found mostly in the Midwest, the White House announced last Wednesday that this administration would be forcing ALL e-liquid flavors off the market. 

The move was justified saying, “We can’t allow people to get sick. And we can’t have our kids be so affected.”  There was a major problem with that.  “Vaping” hadn’t hurt anyone; black market THC cartridges had. 

After we published our piece about fake THC vapes on the Charlotte Vapes Blog, mainstream media began coming to the same conclusions that I did – this is not a nicotine vaping problem, but one borne out of black market THC products. 

The news spread far and fast, and the White House switchboard was lit up with calls from vapers and retailers decrying this move and pointing to THC counterfeit products.  Seems we caused enough kerfuffle that the President’s aides went looking for better information and by Friday afternoon, there was a tweet in the darkness.  The President reversed his position.

We should be excited to know that there are enough of us to affect change at the national level.  However, there’s one argument that we’ve seen used through this narrative and will see again – “won’t someone think of the children?!”

Since the early 90s, Save the Children™️ has proven a tried and true tactic that wins votes on both sides of the political spectrum.  Despite being transparent political nonsense it continues to work because it’s harder to spot than a lie. 

It invokes the unanswerable argument and puts forth a false choice – you can’t do that; just think of the children!  If you don’t agree to the proposal, you want children to be traumatized and consequently you’re an evil person.  There is no middle ground.

Youth access is an issue in every nation for tobacco and vapor products alike.  This isn’t new, but politicians seem to think that this is the first age-restricted product to exist.  If there are issues with minors getting JUULs from a gas station or vape shop, REPORT that shop.  Local law enforcement and the FDA are waiting to investigate.  Police departments care much more about youth tobacco use than you may imagine.

Flavor bans are taking hold in the United States.  It began a few months ago in San Francisco, and it’s moving east via Michigan to New York.  Let me be clear – the only accomplishment of flavor bans will be sending millions of American adults back to smoking, while the rest of the world carries on without us. 

Public Health England and the doctors there continue to recommend vaping to their patients as a much better alternative to smoking, and many other countries have chosen this path as well.

If the administration wants to Make America Great Again, switching Americans from smoking to vaping would be a fantastic start.

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