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How Much CBD Is In This?


One of the most common questions we receive about CBD products behind “how much should I try at a time?” is “how much is in X amount of this product?” The answer may be easier than you think! Below you’ll see the measurements we use to determine how much CBD is found in an amount of a liquid and for edible products.

It is important to note that any measurement below does rely on the accuracy of the label. If the volumes or ingredient amounts differ from the labels, this will affect your results. At Charlotte Vapes we’re always happy to provide customers with certificates of analysis to give you the peace of mind that you’re getting what you pay for.


Since edibles are easier, we’ll start there. Let’s take a typical bag of gummy candies that has 300mg across 20 gummies. All you’ll need to do is take the total CBD content and divide by how many servings are in the package. In this case:

Total CBD ÷ Number of servings = CBD mg/serving

300mg ÷ 20 servings = 15 mg/serving

It can be tempting to think the whole package is a serving especially when they’re tasty but check the package! Most of our customers are happy with effects of only one of those gummies, so maybe get some other candy if you know you’ll want to munch on them a lot.

Ripping into a bag of CBD gummies shouldn’t hurt you, but it does seem a waste of your hard-earned money to eat them all at once.

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Liquid products use a similar formula, but you’ll need to work out your own serving size. For this example, there are 300mg of CBD in a 15mL bottle. Because the 300mg measurement indicates the amount in the entire package, there’s always some division involved to find the concentration. Thankfully it’s pretty simple to work out:

Total CBD ÷ total size = CBD mg/mL

300mg ÷ 15mL = 20mg/mL

In a bottled product, you’ll need to make an estimation of how much liquid with be 1mL exactly, so a small medicine cup like what you’d find with cold medicine can be helpful.

In the event a medicine cup inconvenient or unavailable, 20 drops per milliliter (1mL) is a good rule of thumb. Depending on the size of the bottle, that many drops will usually be the equivalent of half a dropper to a full dropper. You can find out how much your dropper holds by filling one and counting the drops back into the bottle until you reach 20.

If you’d like to use very small amounts of CBD, you could simply count out the drops each time by dividing once further. If you had a concentration of 50mg/mL, finding the amount per drop would look like this:

50mg per mL ÷ 20 drops per milliliter = 2.5mg/drop

Once you’ve worked out how much CBD is in each drop, you can count them out more precisely. Will this be the equivalent of lab equipment? No. But you’ll have a good idea within a small tolerance. The consistency of the concentration can vary with different brands, so it’s never a bad idea to give your bottle several shakes before measuring it out.

Have a question we can help you with? Just holler to us at sean@charlottevapes.com and we may use your question for our next article. Thanks to Jeff for this question!

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