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One of the most common questions we hear at Charlotte Vapes from customers interested in

trying CBD is “how much should I take?” The question is more than reasonable given the cost

of CBD products. While the answer can be different for everyone, we aim to give you a good

starting place to determine what’s right for you.

Before we go further, I must make the usual disclaimers to avoid nasty letters. We are a retail

business, and not one staffed by medical professionals. Any information offered is meant as a

reference and should not be considered medical advice. Taking medical advice from strangers

on the internet isn’t wise. Be smart and talk to a medical professional before doing anything

with your health.

While CBD is difficult for doctors to prescribe as there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach,

there’s very little risk to experimentation. We hope to offer you some comfort with the


  • CBD “overdose” does not appear to be a realistic concern in those without a hypersensitivity to cannabinoids. If comparable to other cannabinoids in toxicity, a lethal dose would cost thousands and be difficult to ingest.

  • Studies suggest that cannabidiol (CBD) does not result in physical dependence according to FDA’s prescribing documentation of a drug containing CBD as its active ingredient.

  • Side effects appear negligible. Our hundreds of customers have not reported adverse effects or feeling ill as a result of using CBD products.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the only appropriate way to distinguish between doses

is to measure by milligrams (mg). Whether you find CBD in a food product, a liquid, a vape,

capsule, etc. there should be an indication of how much CBD is in the product.

Most of our customers new to CBD prefer to take about 5-20mg of CBD once or twice a day to

achieve their desired effect. Some can find relief they seek with as little as 5mg daily, and of

course some prefer more.

If you try a small amount in the morning (1-5mg), and find that’s not doing what you’d like, try a

greater amount later in the day (10-15 mg) and see if it makes a difference. Other customers using the product to help with arthritis or pain tell us they’re on the higher end of the spectrum closer to 15-20mg in a dose.

Need help working out how to get to the amount you’d like to try? We can help you find out

how much of a given product will give you the amount of CBD (link to HOW MUCH CBD IS IN

THIS? article) you’re looking for.

Have a question we can help you with? Just holler to us at sean@charlottevapes.com and we

may use your question for our next article. Thanks to Amy for this question!

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