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A Better Way: 3 Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Everyone is familiar with vaping. If you smoke, you’ve likely considered it yourself or purchased a starter kit or disposable at a gas station. If that was a bad experience, you’re not alone. Lots of us felt the same way before we came to a vape shop and found much better products.

At Charlotte Vapes, you’ll meet with someone who understands what it’s like. That’s why we offer the best experience possible to our customers. You’ll meet with someone who can help tailor your vaping setup to you. You’ll find flavors you enjoy, receive help and tutorials, as well as the best pricing and loyalty program in Charlotte.

If your first vape wasn’t great, here are 3 of the best reasons to give vaping another try at Charlotte Vapes:

1. Vaping is far less expensive.

Before we get started, vaping for some people becomes a hobby they spend a good deal on. Usually these are the people you’ll see with large devices exhaling incredible amounts of vapor. However, this is not the norm.

For me especially, when I got started vaping it was to save money. I was living in Washington state without a car, and the state had just passed a tax bringing cigarettes to nearly $9 per pack. I simply could not afford it. Here in the Carolinas, tobacco prices are creeping higher as well as the state passes more and more punitive taxes on smokers.

Let’s play the numbers game for a moment with some realistic numbers. Say you smoke a full pack every day, and that pack costs $5.75. In a 30-day month, you’ll have spent $172.50 on cigarettes, and in 3 months over $500.

You can get a great, popular starter kit for under $40 as a one-time expense. Then for upkeep, you can expect to buy two 60mL bottles each month, and a few (3-4) replacement heating coils which are meant to be replaced regularly. If each bottle costs $25, and each coil $5, your first month you’ll spend $110, including the starter kit. After 3 months, you’re only looking at $250, less than HALF your cost in cigarettes.

2. No smell!

No bad smell, anyway. In today’s age where we are justifiably concerned with air quality, smokers are feeling some of the biggest effects. You don’t want to smoke inside because of the smell, and children with asthma can react especially badly to cigarette smoke. But then you trail your last cigarette back in after you’re done smoking and freezing outside. It’s a no-win… unless you get rid of the smoke.

This was hands-down one of the biggest changes people noticed about me after switching to vaping. You never truly realize how accustomed you are to a smell until you’re removed from it for a while. Over time, I noticed how bad old jackets and my car actually smelled. I felt terrible remembering about how I’d get that last smoke in before going into a restaurant or to go see family in their non-smoking homes.

Vaping leaves no offensive odors behind. Both customers and employees have used their vapes at the shop for several years. Yet we have no discoloration to the white furniture, no yellowing of the ceiling, and no smoky smell. If anything, we are frequently asked what the delightful smells in the shop are! Switching to vapor will give you the freedom to not be judged wherever you go, and no one has to know that you vape unless you want them to.

3. Your time is valuable!

Most people that smoke have to do so outside, either because of workplace regulations, care for their homes, or because their friends and family are sensitive to it.

Think about how long it takes you to smoke a cigarette. When I smoked Camel Filters, I used to time it because of my job. I knew it took me about 7.5 minutes to smoke from pulling it out of the pack to dropping and stamping it out (I was a litterbug back then - I’ve changed!). As a pack-a-day smoker, I was spending 150 minutes a day smoking - over 2 hours.

If I added up my smoking time for a month, that’s 75 hours each month, or 3 DAYS. How much could you get done in 3 days time while doing something else? If you switched today, you could spend a full month each year doing something else. Remember all those projects on your list you keep meaning to get to? You now have an additional sleep-free month in your life of free time that wasn’t there before. And you’ve got savings from above to spend on your new life!

If you smoke now, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with us. Even if it’s just to ask questions, we’d love to see you at Charlotte Vapes. Let’s see what vaping can do for you!

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