With all the buzz in the air about vaping in the news lately, more and more people are buying vapor products to kick the habit of tobacco smoking. Vaping is a satisfying alternative to cigarettes that has helped millions of smokers quit. Why? Here are 5 reasons to drop the cigarettes right now and go pick up a vape.


1. Vaping is Healthier than Smoking

This is by far the strongest argument for switching to vaping. We all know what happens to the lungs when we smoke tobacco cigarettes, and why it’s one of the biggest health threats on the planet, killing 480,000 people each year and causing 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States alone according to the Centers for Disease Control. E-liquid is made from ingredients that you likely come into contact with every single day, and used in medical equipment such as inhalers, as well as many foods and drinks we consume all the time. The Royal College of Physicians released a report in April 2016 praising the potential health benefits of vaping, and the harm reduction value of switching from cigarettes.

2. You’re More Likely to Quit

If you’re looking for electronic cigarettes as an alternative to cigarettes, you may have experience with the cessation aids we all hear about – the patches, gums, pills, even hypnotherapy - and found them inadequate. Quit rates using electronic cigarettes are significantly higher than any of the competing options. Because the act of vaping feels similar to smoking – hand-to- mouth action, visible vapor, and the sensation of nicotine in the throat – it’s much easier for those used to smoking cigarettes to convert over to vaping, and stay away from tobacco cigarettes. At Charlotte Vapes, we take great pride in being able to help you find the setup and liquids that will help you be the most successful in your attempts to stop smoking.

3. No More Smell

There’s definitely a stigma that comes with smoking. Constant air freshener or cologne that’s got to be sprayed, apologies when someone gets in your car, and the odor that sticks to your clothes after leaving the “smoking room” at an airport are all examples of challenges that people who use tobacco face in social settings. With vapor products, these unpleasant problems disappear almost entirely. No more smoke means no more lingering smell in your clothes, car, and home. Vapor smells like the flavor you’ve chosen for yourself, and only sticks around for as long as you see vapor in the air. Vapor leaves nothing gross behind, like the tar stains on paint or the burn marks many of us have in

our favorite clothes.

4. It’s Cheaper Than Smoking

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, you’re looking at significant savings to your wallet by switching over to vaping. A pack of cigarettes costs about $5.00 in NC, so smoking costs about $150 per month. A beginner’s starter kit can be purchased at Charlotte Vapes for under $40, liquid for a month for use in that kit could cost as little as $8 per week ($32 for the month), and then about $5 for a couple of new replaceable coil heads to keep everything tasting fresh and clean. That’s half the cost of smoking, including the starter kit! After you’ve got your kit, the savings get even better; close to 80% less expensive than smoking.

5. It’s So Much More Convenient

Every smoker has been in a situation where it was enormously inconvenient to light up, either having to go outside in the rain, or walk all the way to the entrance at the airport and have to go back through security to get their satisfaction. Vapers have more freedom in these situations. Most vapers are happy to vape inside their homes, where they wouldn’t have dreamt of smoking, and in many indoor spaces you can still vape as long as you’re considerate of those around you. There are some restrictions based on the business or restaurant you visit, but most vapers being courteous are left entirely alone, and don’t have to bear inclement weather or long distances to travel to smoking areas. This makes it easier to avoid secondhand smoke and the temptation to bum a cigarette.

6. It’s Delicious

9 years ago, when electronic cigarettes were first coming to market, the primary available flavors were regular tobacco, menthol, and maybe a single fruit flavor at your local store assuming there was a retailer close to you. Now the options are endless. You can taste the familiar flavor of tobacco cigarettes (without all the harm that comes with it), or branch out into fruits, desserts, breakfast, and drink flavors! One of the unfortunate side-effects of quitting smoking with conventional means is that many people gain a few pounds, replacing the oral fixation that cigarettes had once filled with food and sweets. However, vaping gives you the freedom to taste all sorts of wonderful things as often as you like without adding a single pound to the number on the scale. Among our most popular liquids are flavors like hard candy, strawberry cake batter, and pomegranate smoothie.

So what are you waiting for? Take the steps to switch today, and come visit us at Charlotte



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